Fecha de publicación: 21-jun-2021

El Safareig del Barri - Laundry - Bugaderia - Lavandería - Laverie

✅ Is washing 🧺 💦 in a short time⏳, with comfort🛋, in a clean, practical, efficient, sustainable♻️ and profitable 💰 possible ❓ The answer is: Yes, thanks to 🔄♻️El Safareig del Barri 🔄♻️, to its 🌀🔄 Washing Machines 🌀🔄 and Dryers 💨 and to our 🧼 🧴 additives for washing that eliminate chemicals ⚗from our clothes but without giving up cleanliness, disinfection and elimination of viruses🚫🦠, bacteria 🚫🔬, fungi 🚫🍄 and bad odors 🚫👃.
In 🔄♻️ El Safareig del Barri 🔄♻️ we take care of your clothes with the best quality and experience,
🆓➕Detergent, ➕Softener. ➕Active Oxygen, ➕Textile Sanitizer.
💧💦 Decalcified water 💧💦.
♻️ Detergent of natural origin ♻️
➕ To favor...
➡️ the maximum care of your clothes👚👕👖👔🎽🧦.
➡️ the utmost respect for our planet🌍

Forget about doing laundry, and premiere new garments every week. You haven't tried our laundry services yet 💭🤔 ‼We are waiting for you‼Come and meet us and discover much more‼😄.
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